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We believe that being well-informed about your federal benefits helps strengthen your confidence and peace of mind about times ahead. Part of this process begins with knowing what your numbers might look like with your benefits, both now and in the future. Below, you will find various federal retirement calculators that help show how to estimate your employee retirement pension, Social Security benefits, retirement account values, life insurance coverage, and more.

Please also feel free to use the resources linked-to below. These resources are broken down by retirement system, different benefits, and various aspects of financial planning. As you use these tools and resources, you might find it beneficial to gain insight into your personal situation. Below are links to various, U.S. Government-provided calculators that can help with estimates of your benefits.

If you would like to see all of your benefits in action — and present as well as future values for your TSP account, FEGLI coverage, pension, and more, contact our team for a personalized benefit analysis at no cost. Please feel welcome to reach out at any point.

Federal Retirement Benefits Calculators

Thrift Savings Plan Calculators

FEGLI Calculator

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Federal Employees Retirement System

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General Information On Retirement Planning

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